I love working with brands that are in-line with the values I stand for. I am open to recipe development, brand ambassadorship, sponsored posts, food photography, and more. If you're interested in working with me and would like to know more, please email me at  

Here a few of the brands I've worked with:

I created some materials and a recipe using Quorn's Vegan Burgers, as well as their other vegan product variants for their #ChooseGood campaign. 

7 Grains Pantry is a Manila-based company offering products ranging from liquid amigos to fruit crisps. Their products are vegan and made with simple yet nutritious ingredients. I created a tofu and noodle dish using and incorporated their skinny seasoning and protein pasta. 

I collaborated with House Foods and used their Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine in one of my recipes through a post. They also carry other products such as shirataki spaghetti and tofu in various textures and firmness. 

I collaborated with Komu Bento and used their Shiro Wood Bento in one of my creations through a post. They are a brand promoting the use of reusable containers, that is perfect for a student like me who takes packed meals to school everyday. 

I created some recipes using Unicorn Superfoods' Beet Powder. Using the beet powder, I created some mushroom burgers with a pink beet hummus, pink sushi rolls, and a sushi bowl. 

I collaborated with Chenyi Agventures who produces their 'Dalisay' variant of Renucci Rice, that's sourced locally from farmers in Leyte in the Philippines.

I collaborated with Suncore Foods to use their Supercolor products in the creation of eye-catching photography and recipes for their social media platforms. Each recipe highlights the use of 1-2 of their Supercolor products.

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