Crispy Vegetable and Mushroom Spring Rolls (Vegan Recipe)

Who here loves spring rolls? I grew up eating spring rolls as it's a staple in both Chinese and Filipino cuisine, usually with different variations and flavours in the filling and dipping sauces. This one is close to the Filipino Lumpiang Shanghai that I grew up eating, but is also inspired by Vietnamese Spring Rolls, that are usually filled with lots of veggies.

I’m a huge fan of the whole spring roll process--from making the filling to wrapping, all the way to frying and eating. These spring rolls are really crisp and  filled with organic veggies + oyster mushrooms, that I sautéed and seasoned before rolling into some flour ‘lumpia' or spring rolls wrappers.

Check out the video below to see how you can roll your own spring rolls, as well as a gluten-free options using rice paper!

You'll find the full recipe and steps for these spring rolls below. Enjoy!

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Crispy Vegetable & Mushroom Spring Rolls

Makes 12 rolls

Spring rolls filled with a mix of vegetables and mushrooms then fried to a crisp! Dipped in some sweet chili sauce for delicious finger food!

12 pieces flour spring roll/lumpia wrappers (mine were 8.5” squares), thawed into room temperature

Thai sweet chili sauce or other dipping sauce

Neutral oil, for frying

Veggie Filling

2 tbsp neutral oil

1/2 red onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

5 cups (500g) shredded cabbage, I used a mix of purple and regular cabbage

1 cup (120g) shredded carrots

1 (100g) medium bell pepper, thinly sliced

100g fresh oyster mushrooms or other mushrooms of choice (you can also sub with other mushrooms or used canned/rehydrated mushrooms), chopped into small pieces

1 tsp salt, or to taste

1 tbsp soy sauce, or to taste

1/2 tbsp sesame seeds

See video on how to wrap spring rolls:

Preparing the Filling

  1. Heat a large pan over medium high heat. Once hot, add in oil then sauté the onion and garlic. When cooked, add in the vegetables.

  2. Add a splash of water to cook down the carrots. Once the vegetables are tender, add in the chopped mushrooms. Mix well and cook for another 3-4 minutes over medium heat until cooked through and water from the vegetables and mushrooms have evaporated.

  3. Season with the soy sauce and salt.

  4. Add in the sesame seeds. Taste the filling and feel free to adjust the seasoning according to your desired flavours.

  5. Set the filling aside and leave to cool.

Wrapping the Spring Rolls

  1. Prepare the wrappers by carefully separating them from one another. Prepare a small bowl of room temperature water as well.

  2. See video here on how to wrap spring rolls.

  3. Add in 2 tbsp* of the filling on the bottom of the wrapper. Slowly roll to the top then fold the sides before continuing to roll to the top and sealing the edge with water. You can refer to the photos above for a better idea on how to wrap these spring rolls. 

*Note: the amount of filling to place in each will depend on the size of your wrappers

Cooking the Spring Rolls

  1. Heat a deep frying pan with oil enough to submerge the spring rolls. Once hot, place a few rolls. Cook over medium heat. Flip after a few minutes to cook the other side. Once both sides are golden brown, remove from the oil. Leave on a strainer or on a plate lined with some paper towels to drain any excess oil.

  2. Let cool for a few minutes and slice into half, if desired. Enjoy while hot and dip in your favourite dipping sauce! I love mine with some bottled Thai sweet chili sauce.

Baking option: You can also bake the flour wrapper spring rolls by brushing the rolls with some oil before placing them on a lined baking tray and baking them in the oven for 40 minutes at 400F, flipping halfway through. They will of course not turn as evenly golden brown and juicy, but still very crispy!

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