Kimchi Noodle Stir-Fry (Vegan Recipe)

Updated: Jun 24

I love noodles and also kimchi so I decided to make a Kimchi Noodle Stir-Fry! I’ve been really enjoying making my own vegan kimchi and fermenting it for a few days to really get good flavours. And there’s also nothing like a comforting bowl of noodles!

These noodles are super easy and tasty from the kimchi and kimchi juice + filled with mushrooms and even veggie ham!

If you haven’t seen my latest video on 3 easy recipes I made with kimchi, check it out here:

You can find my vegan kimchi recipe here.

I love to make them in big batches and just store them in the fridge for 2-3 weeks (or until I consume all of them)!

Watch how to make kimchi:

Anyway, you can find the recipe for my kimchi noodle stir-fry below!

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Kimchi Udon Noodle Stir-Fry

Good for 2-3 servings

These noodles are super tasty from the kimchi and kimchi juice + filled with mushrooms and even veggie ham! You can add whatever veggies you have too!

Ingredients 2 packs cooked udon noodles (around 400g total)* 3/4 cup packed vegan kimchi (homemade recipe here) 1 tbsp roasted sesame oil or other oil, for cooking 1/2 onion, sliced Salt and pepper, to taste Green onions and sesame seeds, for topping *Note: feel free to use other noodles of choice, but highly recommend udon noodles! For the Stir-Fry* Sliced vegan ham, optional Fresh mushrooms, sliced (I used 100g king oyster mushrooms) *Note: Feel free to use any other veggies, mushrooms, or even tofu! Sauce 2 tbsp kimchi juice (homemade vegan kimchi recipe here) 2 tbsp sugar (I used coconut sugar), adjust according to desired sweetness 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp sesame seeds 1 tsp roasted sesame oil 1 tsp minced garlic 


  1. Mix sauce ingredients. Feel free to adjust measurements based on desired taste.

  2. Cook or soak the udon noodles depending on package instructions.Carefully separate them. Mine were instant cooked udon that I just soaked in hot water until the noodles separated. Drain from water once noodles are separated, and set aside.

  3. For the kimchi, I squeezed mine to get the juice out. Slice your kimchi into small 1/2 to 3/4” pieces if needed.

  4. Heat a large non-stick pan. Add around 1 tbsp sesame oil or other oil. Once hot, sauté the onions until translucent, around 3 mins.

  5. Add in the vegan ham, mushrooms, and other veggies, if using. Sauté until cooked.

  6. Add in the noodles then pour in the sauce. Mix well and then leave to cook for 3-4 minutes. Season with some salt and pepper, to taste. Turn off heat and top with some green onions and sesame seeds, if desired.

  7. Enjoy while hot!

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