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Updated: Mar 3

I've been wanting to share more about the items for quite a while now. This is most especially since I've received a lot of messages from people asking what items I use when grocery and food shopping ever since I've starting discussing more about the different environmental impacts of our waste, most especially the plastics that end up in bodies of water that ultimately affect species.

Sustainability is a topic I've become more interested in during the past few months because of my love for animals and the environment. I learned so much during my Marine Science class that really impacted me. I went vegan for the animals and eventually found out about the impacts of meat production and our carbon footprint to the environment. There are also of course other aspects to living sustainably but I'm trying to be more conscious of my efforts, and I'm starting my reducing my consumption of single use items and packaging.

Before I get into this, I want to clearly state that I am by no means implying that these items are what you should have to help reduce your waste. It is only an example of what you can use. In my part, these are items I've had for months, even years, that I've kept with me. Some were purchased while some were given.

You can look around your home to see what you already have, that can serve the same (if not similar) purpose instead of immediately purchasing new items.

Reducing waste, I believe, goes beyond the packaging of the food we buy, but it's in our habits. I'm trying to be more conscious of the products in purchase in general and ask myself if I really need it because I used to get caught in a lot of these situations wherein I'd buy something, thinking I need it in that instance but end up just keeping it somewhere for years.

Being mindful is I guess one of the vital steps in everyone's journey, since when we become more aware of what is going on around us, we can make better decisions both for us and the environment.

I'm going to admit that taking reusable items with you when heading out to eat or go grocery shopping really takes some more effort. As a student, it can be challenging since I often already had a lot of on my plate and having to bring some containers with me when purchasing food in school took a little extra effort, but it was something I knew I wanted to do. Now that I'm almost done with school (around 3 weeks until graduation now!), I want to focus more on this aspect and really put more effort into bringing my own containers, bags, bottles, utensils, bottles when heading out. Doing our part to help the environment, even in small ways, is something I want to share more about in the coming months.

So, let's get started with some of the items I have with me that I use for my day-to-day activities.

1. A trusty jug or drink container!

I've had the red hydroflask (right) for over 2 years now and I take it everywhere with me when I head out and especially when I travel! Both containers were actually just given to me, which I'm grateful for.

I always carry a water jug with me. This is a fact. Even when I'm home, I have water jug by my side! It's also an essential when I travel and have it in my carry-on bag. I empty it when I pass security then find a water fountain in the boarding gates afterwards so I won't have to buy bottled water. Saves me so much money too! And when travelling around a city, especially those that have potable tap water, I just refill my jug too.

2. Food containers

Some of my food containers in various shapes and sizes

I've had these food containers for years. My mom loves different food containers and invested in good durable pieces that we used a lot while growing up. I used these mostly when going to school since I'd often bring packed meals but I also take them with me when I head to markets or bazaars when I want to buy food.

The collapsible silicone container (on the bottom left) is my first ever collapsible container, which I purchased years back. The brand is Silex but for some reasons I haven't seen any around since. I love taking it around with me and keeping it in my bag in case I have leftovers in a restaurant.

3. Reusable utensils

A foldable spork (left) given as a gift and a set of wooden/bamboo utensils and straw with a pouch (right)

Since I love taking packed meals, I always have some form of utensils with me. I also bring my own when travelling because I realized just how much single use utensils I could go through especially when trying out different food from markets or bazaars, that don't have dine-in options.

I also realized that I only really need a few handy pieces that I can use over and over again. There's so many different types of utensils but I realized I don't need then and can use what I already have.

Similar utensils set here.

4. Produce or cloth bags

These are some cotton bags I purchased but other normal cloth bags work just the same when buying fresh produce

I use these bags when purchasing fresh fruits an veggies from local vendors or from markets. I rarely ever purchase produce from groceries here in the Philippines since they, sadly, are wrapped in so much unnecessary packaging, which frustrates me. So I'm really very grateful that kuya (a term we use in Filipino to refer to a male to show respect) passes by our house every weekday selling some fresh fruits and vegetables at much cheaper prices and free from packaging too!

These are the exact cloth bags I use from Eco Bags.

5. Bottles and jars

I've accumulated quite a number of bottles and jars from purchased sauces, dips, and some from Christmas gifts that I've kept. I use these to store condiments, dried fruit, powders, etc. but now also use them or bulk food shopping since there are now some bulk food shops in my area that I'm really happy about.

5. Multi-purpose silicone pouches

Silicone pouches from Stasher

I love these Stasher pouches because they're so handy! I have a few pieces in my bag when I leave the house and I can use them to store basically anything that fits. I once asked a lady to put a vegan veggie meat stew in one (imagine a thick orange tomato sauce) and she looked at me a bit weird. But hey, I had it with me! When I got home, I just simply transferred it on a place and washed of the excess sauce in the pouch.

These are also microwave and freezer safe so I often just store them straight in the freezer or heat it up in the microwave (depending on what's inside of course!). I've yet to try cooking with them (you can use these to sous vide) so this is something I'd like to try soon.

Find the large white Stasher here and the medium sandwich Amethyst Stasher here.

6. Reusable food covers and wraps

I have a few silicone food wraps and soy wax wraps that I use to wrap food. They're a really good alternative to plastic wrap, which I used to use a lot of. It's still a common sight to see food trays in markets wrapped in these plastic cling wraps but it's nice to see alternatives around.

I got this set of silicone covers (seen above) last 2018, and they come in different sizes that are pretty stretchy and perfect for round food bowls.

This soy wax wrap is from Eco Warrior PH and I used them to wrap sandwiches and other goodies.

I also want to add that these food wraps and covers aren't a necessity but they're good reusable alternatives in my opinion. You can also of course opt to just place your food in reusable containers if you don't have anything similar.

7. Shopping bags

I've accumulated my fair share of reusable bags. Some are from my purchases while some come as freebies from stores (even banks) and I just always keep them since they come in really handy! I usually place all my containers and produce pouches in a large one before heading out of get some food.

Okay so these are pretty much the items I use when going food shopping or out in restaurants.

I'd love to hear about your journey towards reducing your taste and the items you use, so feel free message me here or on my Instagram @thefoodietakesflight!

P.S. Kind of sucks that the new Wix blog feature doesn't allow comments in the posts without having to log in, so I hope this is something they change in the future.

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