VEGAN KIMCHI 3 WAYS (3 Vegan Recipes)

I’ve been really enjoying making my own kimchi so I made here 3 easy and tasty recipes you can cook up with some kimchi!

Check out the recipe video here:

I've been really enjoying making my own kimchi and it's so easy! The fermentation process is where your patience can get a bit tested since the longer you leave your kimchi to sit in its juice, the more flavourful it is!

Check out my easy vegan kimchi recipe here:

And now, here's 3 ways you can enjoy your kimchi! :)


Easy, tasty, and a perfect way to use up some leftover rice and whatever veggies you have on hand! Ready in less than 10 minutes, too. Get the full fried rice recipe here.


If you're a big fan of noodles, this is for you! These noodles are packed full of flavour from the kimchi and kimchi juice + filled with mushrooms and even veggie ham! Slurp away!

Full noodles recipe here.


Kimchi-Jeon or pancake is basically made with kimchi and a some scallions as base—it’s so good and really crisp on the outside plus perfectly savoury! I enjoy mine with a homemade dipping sauce too.

Full kimchi-jeon recipe here.

Hope you enjoy these recipes! :)

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